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Mahaparv Chhath Festival Started With Bathe And Eat Today

The great festival of Chhath Puja has started Kharna is tomorrow and on 30th and 31st is Arg, the first is Arg on 30th and the second is Arg on 31st

Mahaparv Chhath Festival  Started With Bathe And Eat Today.

Today i.e. on Friday, Mahaparv Chhath has started with taking bath. The festival of faith and belief will start from today and will end on Monday morning after the second Arg, Today, on the day of taking a bath, after taking a bath with the cleanliness of the whole house, the resolution of the fast is taken. Today, every woman or man takes prasad of gram dal, pumpkin vegetable and rice. On the next day i.e. after doing Kharna tomorrow, this difficult fast begins.

All the markets are decorated for Chhath Puja:

All the markets are fully decorated for the Mahaparva Chhath, in the markets from North to South Kolkata, items used for Chhath Puja like shup,ghavad,coconut,sugercan,etc.. From Bada Bazaar to Gole Market, Hathi Bagan Market, Bhawanipur's market to other markets are decorated for the material of worship.

Preparations have started on the ghats, this time more crowd is expected:

Preparations have started on a war footing at the Ghats for Chhath Puja. Today i.e. till Friday, Kali Puja will be immersed and Chhath Puja will start from today itself. In such a situation, the cleaning of Chhath Puja Ghats will be started immediately after the immersion of Kali Maa and this time due to the absence of Kovid-19, there is a possibility of more crowd on the Ghats. Due to Kovid-19 for 2 years, people are on their roofs and buildings. kept on performing Chhath Puja on the roof of This time those people will also go to Chhath Puja Ghat and this time many artificial ghats have also been built by Kolkata Municipal Corporation for Chhath Puja. This time Ravindra Sarovar and when and Subhash Sarovar have been definitely banned for Chhath Vratis

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