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What is Alarm & Timer & Stopwatch Extension

Table of Alarm & Timer & Stopwatch

What is Alarm & Timer & Stopwatch?

Alarm & Timer & Stopwatch is a lite and multi-browser addon that let you easily setup multiple alarms, Alarm & Timer & Stopwatchs or stopwatch for yourself. Simply open toolbar popup UI and then choose a desired tab. The first tab is for alarm adjustment. Simply click on the - add a new alarm - button to view the settings page. Then, add a name for the alarm and adjust date, hour and minute and at the end, click on the - save change - button. Please note that, if you want to repeat the alarm weekly, please click on the - repeat weekly - button. There are also five different sounds available to choose from. For Alarm & Timer & Stopwatch and stopwatch, please perform the same procedure mentioned above.

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Snooze is disabled by default. If you want to set snooze, please click on an item (either create a new one or edit an existing one) and the click on the - set snooze - button at the bottom right corner. Snooze is available in six different time intervals, select the one that matches your need and then click on the - close - button.


As mentioned above, working with this addon is very easy. Simply open toolbar popup UI and select a desired tab. Then adjust the settings and close the UI. All the changes are auto saved to the memory. Simply select the days that matches your need and then adjust hour and minute. You can also mark the - repeat weekly - option if you want the alarm to be repeated weekly.Weekdays are placed as a separate buttons (S, M, T, W, T, F, S) in toolbar popup UI.

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Thank you for using Alarm & Timer & Stopwatch. We are sorry to see you leave! It would be greatly appreciated if you could take a moment to give us your feedback about why you uninstalled this addon. The developer will further improve this addon according to your valuable ideas.


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