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Jupiter came close to Earth after 59 years 26 October 2022

The planet Jupiter came close to the Earth and appeared very close

Jupiter came close to Earth after 59 years 24 October 2022

24 October 2022 Very big news has come out that Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, will come and come to the close of the earth. This opportunity can be very special for us because Jupiter is coming closest to Earth after 59 years.
This is happening for the first time in 59 years that Jupiter will revolve on the opposite side of the Sun and will be seen closer to our Earth. Where there will be a sunset on one side and on the other side we will get to see Jupiter from the East, we will see Jupiter rising, this phenomenon we call Planetary Apposition in the Centric language. Which is when a creation comes between Objection and Earth According to NASA, this planet of Jupiter is a very common thing that takes movement every 13 months.

The distance between Jupiter and our Earth is at least 63 million kilometers, which can be up to a maximum of 98.3 kilometers. On October 26, 2022, Jupiter will be at its closest distance and it will be 59 million kilometers from the distance, this is because all the planets will not orbit in the perfect surface around the Sun,
their and the satellite matter is electrical and for this reason different Their distance keeps changing in time This process approach and planetary position of Jupiter is a very real coincidence, making it the most important U of the year

Being the largest planet, Jupiter remains bright, but due to being closest on September 26, it will be the brightest planet after the moon, you can see Jupiter all night long after rising from the east. I will be right above the head and it will set in the west as soon as morning if the weather is clear then you will be able to see Jupiter and its four big moons with normal telescope

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